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Eleven after is a group of

four people who strive to create the best music they possibly can, and most importantly, create music they love, 

They aim to never let each other settle for less than their very best

they push one another to get better while making each other laugh, regardless of circumstance.

an infectious, energy that has never waivered through every hardship and celebration,

a family.

That's how This band has managed to beat the odds and become a PILLAR of mid-west rock music for nearly 15 years


----------------------------------------------when Eleven After was first established. They've had success being featured on FM and internet radio around the world in 100+ countries.

They Joined the SW Rising Stars Tour in 2024 and will be making their way to ILlinois, OKlahoma, COlorado, ARkansas, Texas, and MOre! (check out the events page) they continue to write and record today, Exclusively with Barry Magner, Of rofo records.





in Topeka, KS.

S i n c e   2 0 1 0,
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